Are You a brand with a vested interest in empowering women?

build a bridge with us!

we form partnerships with corporations that seek to increase career opportunities for women and value the insights of the next generation.

our three-phase programming model:

I. in the architecture phase, our small cohorts of girls receive an orientation in professional communication & presence. the girls work together to select a woman at a partner corporation based not on her formal title, but on her core interests. 

II. in the construction phase, the girls research and then reach out to our professional woman to invite her to an upcoming workshop & q&a event.

III. during the bridge event, our professional imparts a widely-useful, but industry-relevant skill and then the girls facilitate an informational interview with questions they prepped in construction. we encourage authentic, direct answers.


make a meaningful impact, and educate young audiences of your brand's culture and compassion.