Are You a brand with a vested interest in empowering women?

build a bridge with us!

we form partnerships with corporations that seek to increase career opportunities for women and value the insights of the next generation.

our three-phase programming model:

1. connect: applicant recruitment phase.  

 we show girls what bridget is all about at a high-energy, day-long summit. we invite influential women to speak to the girls in a panel, and get them comfortable with forming authentic and productive connections with women.

2. build: education phase.

admitted girls build valuable career-readiness skills in   workshops hosted by our bridget team. we focus on skills essential to career advancement, but not effectively taught in most high schools-- things like how to create an effective linkedin profile, how to write professional emails, how to responsibly represent yourself on social media, how to do a video interview and more! 

3. bridge: corporate access phase.

this is where you come in! the cohort continues on to shadow a woman working at a corporate partner company and learn about her career trajectory through a skills-based project. in this phase, we pair the girls with a film crew, and they are challenged to report their career path learnings in a video report for the partnered company.

... scaling our impact

all of the videos created by the girls will aggregate to an online video library, creating a digital community for our girls, our companies and the broader public to share. think "tedtalks" but for girls exploring career paths.

bridget is a one-stop shop, where teen girls can build their professional capacity and a living resume of experience, while our partner companies spotlight their female talent, invest in workforce development, and receive an impact video created by the next generation.


make a meaningful impact, and educate young audiences of your brand's culture and compassion.