where's bridget?

We are currently rolling out live bridgetCONNECTED Summits in Los Angeles, where teen girls are learning about out bridget & applying to join cohorts for Summer 2018.

Stay tuned for videos of the bridges they will build! 



below is a selection of programs we have lead to test our concept with different groups of teens.

bridgetGORGEOUS with Road to Success Academy

september 2016

we partnered with mary kay cosmetics and professional makeup artist noseph trinh to bring an event called bridgetgorgeous to road to success academy's camp scudder.

road to Success Academy is an award-winning model of intervention and instruction of incarcerated youth.Thirty young women joined us (age 13-18) for a tutorial on clean, professional makeup application.

All of the young women present are part of a probation program with RTSA whereby they finish their high school degrees while living at Camp Scudder. 

Noseph's explanation of pro techniques and tips immediately engaged the girls. Several moved their seats closer to see detail. We discussed the power of makeup to locate and enhance your best, unique featuresand talked about how appearance affects confidence. Noseph showed one young woman how to cover a tattoo above her eyebrow, in order to feel more appropriate in a professional setting or interview.

During Noseph's tutorial, each student shared her favorite feature of her face. When Noseph wrapped up his lesson, we had a Q&A session about how he developed his successful career in the beauty industry. Several girls admitted that they did not know that a career doing makeup was possible. Many of them raised hands expressing their interest in makeup artistry as an exciting potential job. 

Mary Kay Cosmetics generously donated SIX BAGS of product for us to leave with the girls. We also provided the girls with Bridget baseball tees, which were donated by Bella Canvas and screen-printed by New Image Promotions. Thank you!

(Due to legal privacy issues for students on probation, we were unable to photograph any faces of the girls, but check out some of our team shots below!)








“My face was tattooed forever ago. I forgot what I look like, just me. I could go to an interview or something with it covered like this.”

— RTSA Student





bridgetSTARTED with TRiO Los Angeles

april 2017


USC's TRIO program is part of a federal outreach program designed to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds (low-income families, disabled individuals, first-generation college students, etc).  We were so fortunate to be able to partner with the USC chapter in order to curate an incredible event with the goal of inspiring and empowering the program's young women and introducing them to a panel of incredible speakers. 150+ Los Angeles high school students attended our event!

Dr. Theda Douglas delivered opening remarks about finding inspiration and drive as a young woman. 

bridgetSTARTED was a moderated panel of several successful female entrepreneurs.  Our panel of speakers shared their powerhouse expertise with our room of TRIO girls. Panelists included:

Marrin Costello -  Founder of Marrin Costello Accessories @marrincostello 

Bianca Cheah – Founder of Sportluxe Magazine @sporte.luxe

Olivia Ku – Social Media Health Influencer, Founder of @lovehealthok

Ursula Braeger – Founder of Gloss Moderne haircare @glossmoderne 

Melissa Haloossim – Founder of SkinThesis Skin Clinic, @skinthesis

Chelsea Moore, Jenni Olivero – Co-Founders of BoxFox, @shopboxfox

@AshaLannin led an open discussion on how each woman found their successes via both conventional and unconventional paths.  Each woman shared what drove her, how she overcame obstacles, and invaluable pieces of advice for young women seeking careers as entrepreneurs.

"At some point in your journey, you'll look back and see that your mistakes are actually huge gifts. learn from every experience, and be kind in every situation." -Marrin Costello


Girls in the audience were invited to ask questions about entrepreneurship and discovery of career paths.


Thank you to to New Image Promotions and Bella+Canvas for the Bridget bags, tumblers and tees and to Harmless Harvest and Perfect Bar for the delicious and healthy snacks!

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bridgetHEALTHY with TRiO Los Angeles

april 2017


bridgetHEALTHY was led in partnership with Alo Yoga, and was an event focused on the importance of connecting with your body and mind through introspection and breathing. Yoga professionals and social media influencers @YogawithBriohny and @JadeAlectra taught two 30 minute yoga sessions, where girls were taught basics of form, breathing techniques, self-love and even a bit of acro-yoga.

After the class, bridget's VP of Programs Keshiia Rosenberg moderated a discussion on the long-term benefits of a yoga practice and other methods of finding inner calm and strength to fortify all of our aspirations and trials. Our girls were able to express strength through vulnerability, to take a quiet moment of reflection, and to try something outside of their comfort zones.  Our yogi instructors provided a safe space for the TRIO girls, and in that space a sense of community was fostered, and a deep calm was inspired. 

Between poses, we cooled down with coconut water generously donated from Harmless Harvest. Additionally, Alo Yoga donated a yoga mat for each girl, and girls were informed about the free yoga classes the brand has made available on their youtube channel, enabling them to continue their yoga practice and self-compassion anytime, anywhere.


bridgetGORGEOUS with TRiO Los Angeles

april 2017

We repeated our successful bridgetGORGEOUS event with the TRiO girls, bringing back the incredible @Noseph Trinh and inviting @CarenElle as a second celebrity makeup artist. 

We partnered with makeup brand NYX to teach our girls how to utilize makeup as a fun and expressive tool for celebrating natural beauty, by taking them through a step-by-step tutorial for a professional, clean look appropriate for any situation. The process was not only educational but it allowed the girls to have fun while exploring the world of makeup artistry. While teaching, Noseph and Caren Elle talked about the various careers available within the beauty industry. They also discussed how makeup should never be something to hide behind, but rather a creative way to express confidence.

After the tutorial, Ursula Braeger (of GlossModerne hair care) and Jenny Farrell (former model and fashion marketing professional) lead a discussion on the mixed portrayals of beauty in media, the importance of diversity and how we can empower one another to embrace every woman's natural beauty, from the inside out.